Travel Clinic

Planning a trip or booked that holiday of your dreams? - Good, you deserve it and its good for your health; so don’t let anything spoil it for you.

Exotic, faraway locations are now increasingly accessible for an increasing variety of trips and activities. For several reasons, many of these locations do not have the health and safety standards to which we have become accustomed.

A small investment of time and forward planning now can pay large dividends and protect your greatest asset – you and your Physical & Mental health.

‘Travel health’ Encompasses:

    • Personal Health & Security
    • Protection from inhospitable Environments
    • Sexual Health & Awareness
    • Protection against Infectious Diseases

At One Care Medical we can assist you with your plans, providing:

    • Medical Assessment & Advice
    • Visa Medicals & Required Tests
    • Vaccination against Infectious Diseases
    • Prescription of Anti-Malarial Medication

We aim to provide an efficient and friendly service, at a cost effective price, in a safe Medical environment with competent Medical Staff to deal with any potential problems should they arise.

Your initial visit will include a full Medical Consultation & Examination to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to travel and be immunised.

The Doctor will advise you regarding appropriate Health issues and immunisations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know which vaccines I need? – The doctor will advise you depending on your destination, type of holiday envisaged and your Medical History & Examination.

Are there any side effects from the vaccines? – Our vaccines are only sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies eg. Aventis Pasteur, GlaxoSmithklineBeecham – to ensure best possible effect and quality. Most of the vaccines are given in the inactive form so there will be little or no side effects whatsoever, any live vaccines and their potential side effects will be explained by the doctor.

Is it safe to get immunised during pregnancy? – We prefer to avoid immunisations during pregnancy if at all possible – that being said if your trip is necessary and the potential for infection high then - yes you can be immunised with ‘inactive’ vaccines only.

Should we immunise our children? – We advise against bringing your children into inhospitable environments – they will be much happier at home with grand parents or close relatives - however if their trip is necessary and they are otherwise well – yes it is safe for them to be immunised.

* Unfortunately, One Care Medical is unable to provide the yellow fever vaccine at this moment in time.