Employee Medicals

One Care Medical Centre provides a number of corporate services including:

Employee Health Screening

  • Regardless of your type of business and work environment under Health & Safety legislation companies now have a duty of care for their employees.
  • The work environment and conditions have to be such as to enable the worker to complete their role healthily, with dignity and safety.
  • There is also a requirement for the worker to attend for work in a fit and healthy state and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • When managed correctly health screening can have significant benefits to both company and worker.


  • Productivity
  • Attendance
  • Loyalty
  • Morale


  • Absenteeism
  • Loss of work time to sickness
  • Litigation

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

  • Essential for both worker and company – protects both
  • Includes standard medical (history taking, medical examination).
  • Additional available tests which may be included depending on position, responsibility and work environment:
  • Vision
  • Lung function.
  • ECG (resting and / or stress).
  • Blood Tests
  • Urine toxicology

Additional Services

Sick List Service

Absence / Return to work

Executive Medicals

Health & Safety Consultation

Annual / Biannual Medicals