Executive Medicals & Comprehensive Health Assessments

This Medical is a full health check designed not only to try and pick up any early signs of Cardiovascular Disease (causes heart attacks and stroke) and Cancer, but also to educate you about your health and actually try to prevent you developing illness.

We usually schedule executive medicals for the morning sessions, as we like you to attend Fasting i.e., nothing to eat or drink for the preceding 10-12 hours. It is easier to do this whilst asleep, and this allows your body’s metabolism to achieve baseline levels.

Please note if you have a medical condition that may be affected by this, or you are on any medication, you should discuss this by phone or email with the Doctor before attending / embarking on your fast.

You will have a full medical with the Doctor, which includes a full Medical History and Examination and Vision Screen (please bring your spectacles / lenses if you use same).

Dependent on your risk factors (or at your request) you may require a Lung Function Test, a Resting and Exercise ECG.

We suggest you attend for the medical in comfortable clothes such as shorts/track suit, t-shirt and trainers. You can bring along your work/everyday clothes to change into after the medical.

A Chest X-ray and Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound may also be required.

The Doctor will collate all the data and prepare a follow up session to discuss your results.

Blood Tests

Blood Tests included:

  • Full Blood Count – checks your blood iron and marrow / immune system function
  • U&E – checks kidney function
  • LFT’s – checks liver function
  • Fasting Lipid Profile – checks Cholesterol and sub-fractions – the good, bad and ugly
  • Fasting Glucose and HBA1C (average glucose) – checks for tendency to Diabetes
  • TFT – checks thyroid function

Additional blood tests if required:

  • HIV Screen
  • Hepatitis screen
  • STD Screen
  • Toxicology
  • ESR / CRP Inflammatory Screen
  • Arthritis Screen
  • Cancer and Tumour Markers

Please ask the Doctor or Nurse if you have any additional requirements regarding blood tests, to enable us to facilitate the same if at all possible.

Optional Tests included in Executive Medical Examination (Not essential if you are uncomfortable):


  • Breast Examination.
  • We will also facilitate a mammogram and breast ultrasound if required.


  • Scrotal Exam / Testicular check
  • Prostate Check / Digital rectal examination (if required)

Male and Female:

  • Urinalysis – Urine Testing

We can also offer advice and treatment regarding family planning, fertility, contraception and critical appraisal of ongoing treatments Medical or otherwise.

We also provide minor surgical treatments.

Dependent on the findings of your physical and lab results we will institute therapy to help you to the best possible physical condition.

We aim to make your medical an enjoyable and educational experience.