Sexual Health & STD / STI Clinic

Sexual Health

Sex is an important part of many relationships – it is also therapeutic reducing stress levels and provides both partners with happiness for themselves individually and each other.

From planning first becoming sexually active onwards we can help and advise.

Sexual Health encompasses:

  • Contraception
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
    • Awareness / Prevention
    • Diagnosis / Treatment / Management
  • Fertility / Infertility
  • Sexual Relationship Difficulty
  • Pregnancy


Contraception allows men and women to enjoy a full sexual relationship without the fear of an unplanned pregnancy. Whilst there is never an ideal or perfect time in life to become a parent, contraception allows us to try and time this as best possible amongst studies, career paths and other trials and tribulation of adult life.

At One Care Medical we can advise you on all types of contraception, how to use same properly and the various pros / cons of different types to ensure you can enjoy a sexual relationship and good health.

  • Oral Contraceptive Pill and the Mini Pill
  • Injection (administered on site)
  • Implant – Implanon / Mirena
  • Emergency Contraception

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Whilst abstinence is the only way of completely preventing STDs - for people wishing to enjoy a sexual relationship this is obviously not an option! At One Care Medical we would advise careful/ considered choice of partner(s) and the use of Condoms however even with these precautions it is still impossible to totally eradicate the risk of STDs.

We aim to provide an open and non judgemental service for all our patients in order to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage STDs so as to better your long-term health.

We provide:

  • Medical History & Examination
  • Tests on site including Bloods / Swabs
  • Treatments – Medical & Cryosurgery
  • Immunisation – Passive and Active

Frequently asked questions:

Can I be screened for everything straight away? – There is what we call a ‘window period’ which means that specific tests done too early from time of exposure will not pick up the evidence of an infection and could falsely reassure all that an infection has not been acquired.

Can I be screened for all STDs? – No – there are some infections where there are specific diagnostic tests and we perform all of these; however other infections may only be diagnosed clinically i.e. by the doctors knowledge and experience and still others may be acquired but not be evident clinically or by specific test.

Can all STDs be treated? – Yes we have an ever increasing array of treatments available – however whilst all STDs can be treated we may not be able to cure or eradicate all infections completely.

Why bother screening for those STDs that can’t be cured or eradicated?

There are many good reasons:

  • To prevent potential spread of infection to current / future sexual partners.
  • To minimise further recurrences or spread of infection within your self.
  • To prevent / screen for specific cancers which can occur secondary to some infections.
  • To protect your future fertility.To protect your future children.

What does ‘Double Dutch’ mean? – This expression implies the use of condoms and additional contraception to try and prevent both unplanned pregnancy and STDs – remembering that it is impossible to totally prevent the acquisition of all STDs if you are going to be sexually active.


STDs affect both Heterosexuals and Homosexuals – currently rates are increasing at a greater rate in Heterosexuals.

Hepatitis B is more contagious than HIV.

Women are at greater risk of acquiring STDs than men.

Men, women and children can be immunised against Hepatitis B.

Sexual Relationship Difficulty

At One Care Medical our Doctors are experienced at assisting with many problems in this area:

  • Physical Problems – eg Erectile dysfunction
  • Medical Problems – eg non STD infection

Fertility / Infertility

It can be ironic that sometimes after years of contraception that conception isn’t always as easy to achieve as envisaged.

Our doctors can provide:

  • Pre-conceptual screening and advice
  • Primary Infertility Analysis – Medical History and Examination,
  • Hormonal Profiling & Seminal Analysis
  • Initial Fertility assistance
  • Specialist Referral


At One Care Medical we can provide medical help and advice regarding:

  • Planned pregnancy – Antenatal Care
  • Unplanned pregnancy – Non Judgemental, Non Directive advice & assistance
  • Paternity Testing