All Services

    1. General Practitioner Services
    2. Childhood immunizations & well baby services
    3. Private Executive Medicals
    4. Chronic disease management
    5. Adult and Travel vaccines
    6. Disease screening (blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol)
    7. Weight management
    8. Sports Injury management including interarticular injections, braces and splints
    9. Traumatic Injuries requiring stitching
    10. Wellness and corporate medical services
    11. Family planning and contraceptive advice
    12. Minor surgical and dermatological procedures
    13. Fully equipped cardiac and respiratory lab for ECGs, stress tests and lung function examinations
  1. Cervical Cancer Prevention and Vaccination
  2. Onsite immediate HIV counselling and testing and STD testing
  3. Pregnancy diagnosis, antenatal care and sexual health management