Dermatology & Minor Surgery Clinic

We provide the following Dermatological and Minor Surgery Procedures at the rooms under local and regional anaesthesia:

    • Diagnostic Excision and Punch Biopsy
    • Abscess Incision and Drainage
    • Superficial Lymph node biopsy
    • Excision Pigmented Naevi
    • Excision Sebaceous Cysts
    • Lipoma removal
    • Wedge Resection Ingrown Toenail
    • Joint Aspiration / Injection

CryoSurgery / Freezing:

    • Warts
    • Keratoses

All procedures are carried out by a highly skilled and qualified medical doctors and not beauticians, nurses or technicians as may be seen in some centres. Most medical aids will cover the cost of these procedures and we will be able to claim directly from your health insurance plan. Please note that some medical aids will require a small co-payment.